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Most companies only need the Essentials edition.
The Premium edition only adds Service Order Management and Manufacturing.
All the feature areas are listed in the table below.

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Team members are the light users with limited access, who only need to view data or do simple registrations. Read all the details about Team Member at the bottom of this page.

The Essentials and Premium editions


Financial Management
Basic General Ledger
Account Schedules
Bank Account Management
Bank Reconciliation
Basic XBRL
Cash Flow Forecast
Check Writing
Electronic Payment / Direct Debits
Fixed Assets
Multiple Currencies
Payment Handling
Responsibility Centers
Unlimited Dimensions
Advanced Financial Management
Cost Accounting
Inter-company Postings
Artificial Intelligence
Cash Flow Forecast
Image Recognition
Inventory Forecast
Late Payment Prediction
Sales Forecast
Customer Relationship Management
Business Inbox for Outlook
Campaign Management
Campaign Pricing
Contact Classification
Contact Management
Dynamics 365 Sales Integration
Email Logging
Interaction / Document Management
Opportunity Management
Relationship Management
Task Management
Document Exchange Service
Document Management / Capture
Bank Feeds (US, CA, UK)
Microsoft Pay (credit cards and PayPal)
Online Map
Tax. Reg. No. Validation Service (EU)
Human Resources Management
Basic Human Resources
Project Management
Basic Resources
Capacity Management
Job Quotes
Multiple Costs
Project Management Jobs
Time Sheet
Supply Chain Management
Alternative Order Addresses
Alternative Ship-To Addresses
Alternative Vendors
Assembly Management
Basic Inventory
Basic Payables
Basic Receivables
Cycle Counting
Drop Shipments
Item Attributes
Item Budgets
Item Categories
Item Charges
Item Cross References
Item Substitutions
Item Tracking
Location Transfers
Multiple Locations
Order Promising
Purchase Invoicing
Purchase Line Discounting
Purchase Line Pricing
Purchase Order Management
Purchase Return Order Management
Requisition Management
Demand Forecasting
Sales Invoice Discounts
Sales Invoicing
Sales Line Discounting
Sales Line Pricing
Sales Order Management
Sales Return Order Management
Sales Tax/VAT
Shipping Agents
Standard Cost Worksheet
Stock keeping Units
Vendor Catalogue Items
Warehouse Management and Inventory
Automated Data Capture System
Bin Set-Up
Internal Picks and Put Aways
Warehouse Management Systems
Warehouse Receipt
Warehouse Shipment
Warehouse Management and Inventory
Analysis Reports
Change Log
Embedded Power BI
Extended Text
Job Queue
Reason Codes
Unlimited Companies
User Management
User Tasks
Word reporting/Document reporting


Service Order Management
Service Order Management
Service Item Management
Planning and Dispatching
Service Price Management
Service Contract Management
Production Orders
Machine Centers
Finite Loading
Production Bill of Materials
Basic Supply Planning
Sales and Inventory Forecasting
Version Management
Basic Capacity Planning
Agile Manufacturing

Team Members

A Team Member is a named user subscription designed for users who are not tied to a particular function, but who require basic Dynamics 365 functionality.

This license entitles the user to light weight access through designated scenarios built into Team Members experience. Full access to applications is governed through Dynamics 365 application user. Note, the subscription must have at least one full user to administer and configure the individual Team Members applications.

The Team Members option enables users to read data generated from Business Central, and to participate in a limited specific set of functionalities from the application.

Team Members have a restricted access to Business Central, which means that Team Members have access to read any data in the solution; and also have access to a maximum of 3 table objects, except General Ledger Entry, Permission Set, Permission and Access Control.

Team members may read anything in Business Central, update existing data and entries (existing data are records like customer, vendor or item records which are already created – and entries means entries on which it is specifically allowed from an accounting perspective to update specific information), approve or reject tasks in all workflows assigned to a user, create / edit / delete a quote but not post, create / edit / delete personal information, enter a time sheet for Jobs.