How to set up Master Data Information Archive

Master Data Information Archive and Change Log
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The logging of master data information is not done or set up automatically, because then we would just explode in data and they might not have been necessary.

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So therefore, it’s set up rather easily directly in the information code list so from whatever master data information table, item, customer, et cetera, I can go down into my information code list and on the information code list, I can navigate and in here I have my archive set up.

And this is basically the way I set up my archive, so this is across entities, this could be information made on serial numbers, lot numbers, customers, windows, items, et cetera.

And here just define the information code, which field to log, and put a check mark that I’d like to log the changes so it’s possible for me to put it on and off if I want to. It’s as simple as that.