Copying Customers using Master Data Information

Copying Items, Customers and Vendors
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to copy customers with master data information?

With master data information it is possible to copy customers, including all of the specification and text that has been added to the customer.

Transcription of video

You can choose to copy from an existing customer just changing the customer number, selecting customer menu, and then copy customer.

Or you could choose to have set up a template customer which could be a customer where you have deleted all of the customer specific information that needs to be filled in.

For instance, the specification and information values, and you can use that for copying. This way it will be the same process each time. So from the menu, you select copy customer, you enter the new customer name, whatever it is.

This could be a whatever customer both in the number of course and the name. And if you use a master data template code you can define that specific fields need to be set up with default values that could be costing method, et cetera. If you use a template, normally you wouldn’t do that of course, but otherwise, if you copy from existing customers it could be nice to have a default template.

Some of the information you might want to fill in to a template like this on a customer could be the address field and telephone number so you don’t cover them, but of course, if you have deleted them on the template, it’s not necessary.

Then you select if you want to copy the prices on the customer, the campaign prices, and all the master data information added to this customer, and then you just press OK and it would create a new customer.

And in this case it is called Whatever, so it’s somewhere down here. There we are. And I can change my customer with whatever information I need on the customer.