Copying Items using Master Data Information

Copying Items, Customers and Vendors
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Watch "the details", if you need detailed knowledge about a specific topic. These videos are only relevant for particular users. The Details This video includes functionality from the app "Master Data Information" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Master Data Information

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to copy items with master data information?

You can use Master Data Information to easily copy item numbers from the item menu with the functionality copy item.

Transcription of video

And I’ve made a template item here, I could just copy a normal item if I prefer to but in this case I’ve made a template item and from my menu I can copy item, and in here I will select of course to create a new item. It remembers all those checkmarks I’ve made here.

I enter my new item number that I want to copy to and my new item description, that’s a New Bike.

I can use an item template if I want to have fixed fields to be put into this item like posting groups or whatever.

So, this is logging fields that has to be filled in.

And I can select whether to copy unit of measure code from the underlying unit of measure table, extended text from my underlying table, purchase and sales prices, campaign prices, Master Data Information values. So, if you only select this Master Data Information but you deselect the information value and the template contains value that will be deleted of course.

You can copy values and description related to Master Data Information and files, and of course also languages.

If you don’t copy Routing and Bill of Materials, it will just transfer the Routing and Bill of Material that might be on your template already.

So, it has the same routing but if you select here to copy Bill of material and Routing, it’s possible to actually create a new Routing and a new Bill of Material as a copy of the old one with this item number as the new Routing an Bill of Material number.

It’s actually also possible to copy from an existing production order, so you can select here production order status, number, et cetera.

Meaning if you have produced an item, and you finished the production order and figured out this is actually a very good item, I’m going to create it again, you can copy an existing item number and select the Routing and Bill of Materials based on the actual consumption and actual routing you have made on your production order.

And then you just press okay, and that will create your new item number as you can see here on the list, I can go and modify this item number with specific prices and Master Data Information, et cetera.