Copying Lot Numbers or Serial Numbers using Master Data Information

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to copy Lot or serial numbers with master data information?

With master data information, it is possible to assign master data, meaning specification, text, and files to both lot numbers and serial numbers, and you do that in the lot number or serial number information list, and it’s possible to copy those, and I’m going to show you here.

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I’ll just hide this one.

So, if you have a list, for instance, like this on computers or whatever, telephones, whatever you are doing for this serial number list, you can copy those to new serial numbers.

It could also be that you actually produces items that have specific serial numbers, and you want to add metadata for those serial numbers.

So, in this case, if I have my computer up here, I can check my specification on that computer, and if I want to, I could actually make a template for copying so I could create a serial number that start with underscore, which is this top template, and I could delete all this information here, or I could just use a specific computer for copying.

So, from my Process window, I will select Copy Serial Number, and I can select here to create a new serial number, and the serial number is just entered here, and I could even make more than one amount. Then, if I make three of those, and I say I’ll take a serial number 500, for instance, if I don’t enter an item description or sorry a description, it would just take the description from the previous serial number, and I can select what master data information to copy.

So, maybe I didn’t want to copy values and description files because I want to enter them specifically for each serial number.

And I press Okay, and it will update my serial number list with those serial numbers that I’ve just copied. So, in this case, I’ve made those three serial numbers here, and I could go into those one at a time and change the master data from those. It works the same way on the lot number information list.