Deleting fields in Basic Tables and Master Data Information using the Information Matrix

The Information Matrix
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to delete fields in the basic tables and master data information with the information matrix?

The information matrix can be used to delete fields on the basic tables and master data information but you need to be aware of the process and what it actually deletes and doesn’t delete.

Transcription of video

I’ll show you an example of this. From the item menu, I have my City Bike, for instance, I can see my Routing Number 1,000.

If I go into my specification, be aware that it has a gender which is male and it has wheel diameters of both inch and millimeters.

Now, using my information matrix to delete some of that information, I’ll show you how it works.

So, I work only with item number 1,000. I’ll scroll a little right and I’ll delete the male which is a configuration value and I’ll just delete it like this. And if I scroll further right, I might want to delete my wheel diameter in millimeter but it’s not an information value, it’s a value which means it only deletes the specific value and not the information code and I also want to delete my routing or just delete it in here.

This means if I go back on my item, I can see that routing number is correctly deleted and if I go into my specification, I can see that gender is removed from the list and totally deleted, whereas the wheel diameter has only deleted the value but not the information value.

So, this is one of the restrictions in the master data information matrix that I cannot delete my information value if it’s set up with type value. I need to show a column width, the information value then and this of course applies to all the tables that uses the master data information.