Deleting lines in the Information Matrix will not delete the records

The Information Matrix
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to delete lines in the information matrix without deleting the records?

It is important to understand that the Information Matrix is just a way of working with records so you can delete them without deleting the basic records.

Transcription of video

Let me show that here on the item lists in the Information Matrix.

So these are the records that I’m working with and I’m able to change them et cetera. So if I delete some of the records in here, it means that I’m only deleting the line from the Information Matrix view, meaning that I’m working with some other lines or just some of the lines. When I go back now, the lines of course on the item table is not deleted.

They’re still in here and I can add them again in the Information Matrix. This goes for all the different basic tables to the Information Matrix.