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Presenter: Jesper Nielsen, Head of Onboarding

How to import ship-to addresses to your customer cards with the Excel import template?

In this video, we have to go through the ship-to address which is additional addresses to your customer card if you have a different delivery addresses for your customers, and if we have a red headline, it means that this is a minimum you have to fill out or sometimes mandatory.

This is what happens in the video

And if you have a grey background, like here, it means that we have an underlying table we have to look into.

So if we look into the additional information here for the customers called ship to address, we have first the customer number and the code, and the customer number you can see this underlying table, which means that these customer numbers have to be in your customer table, which means that you have to import them first.

And the code means on the custom card you can see where you want to change your items.

We have the name of the customer.

It should be the same as you have in the customer card and name two.

Address and address two if you have that.

City, postcode and country region code as you can see here.

See the approved code country/region is looking into underlying tables, but as it is with the city postcode, it is not necessary to have information in these tables because you can always enter any city and postcode anyway, and it will be only on that ship-to address.

If you have an email, home page, phone number, fax number on your city address, you can enter them here as well as a contact.

Shipment method code, shipping agent the same as everywhere else and you can always look into the lookup values where we have the shipping method codes and the shipping agents which are stand values and we have, for example, the shipping method code here so you can see what it means.

If you have a shipping service, shipping agent service codes, place of export, location code if your customer has several locations on the ship-to address, you can put in here and if they have a County.