How to Set up Master Data on Documents for Headers, Footers and Lines

Master Data on Documents
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to manage the information flow of master data on documents?

It might seem a little complex to setup Master Data on document meaning how should the information flow from customers and item or vendors and item through sales orders and purchase orders.

Transcription of video

Let me show you how it’s done. So, search for my Master Data on document setup in here. And this is the basic setup that we have done. And you have to build this yourself because all the Master Data I’m showing here of course are for demonstration purpose, so you need to setup this completely by yourself.

So, I can define a template for, for instance, sales orders, sales quote, invoice, purchase orders, production orders, et cetera.

And I can use a template, in this case I use the same template for instance for sales orders that even if it’s a independent, if it’s a quote on a quote or an invoice, I’d like to have the same Master Data flowing through the setup.

So, I’ll just drill into this by editing the list. I can go into my full list and here I can see my templates, and of course I can build as many templates as I prefer in here.

A template exists or consists of a sales header if it’s a sales template, line and footer. And I can name this like I prefer, and I go into my sales header, my Master Data header. So, this is the general data for the header information, the line information and the footer information.

And if I enter my sales header setup in here the last one, I was just filtering on header and I can see the header comes from the customer if it’s a customer and I can see my purchase header here has some error because it should’ve been the Master Data type vendor of course.

So, on my sales header here, I can see I have not defined any long report description meaning I don’t want any long report description or long item description of course coming from customers because they don’t exist there, but I can define some default setup here on how to flow the information. I can go into my specific lines.

So, in this case on my sales header, I would like to add complaints and send files if those Master Data information exist on this specific customer. And on my complaints, I would like just to add the text on my send file, it seems it like to add nothing except just to have the information in here.

So, if I go back on my sales footer, it’s the same table structure, I’m defining here that on my sales footer if I go further into my setup line here, I can see that my information code contact and my information code trading conditions transferred from my customer to my sales order and further onto my posted documents, and I’d like the extended text to go with those.
And I also here have some defaults setup whether to transfer to shipment or receipt and invoices, et cetera.

So, it’s all done by setting it up.

Last thing of course is my sales line. Seeing my sales line table here. It’s the last one here, I can see that I I’d like to add long report description. So, the first line on my item line would be the merge description explained in another video that I can merge from all the Master Data on that specific item. And I could also add lines where I can do one or both.

So, here I’ve also defined five different information codes to come as separate lines. Normally, you’d only do some of this other merge description or some specific information code. But this basically determine – it’s determining all my setup, so after doing this once and for all, it flows through all my documents.