Easy handling and correction of import errors

The Master Data Import Worksheet
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to handle import errors with the master data import worksheet?

Using the Master Data Import Worksheet, it’s very easy to handle and correct errors in the import when trying to apply it to the database.

Transcription of video

So, in this case, I’ve imported two lines of data in my worksheet, and the next step will be to carry out actions, meaning to apply this data into business central database.

Now what happens to this is that it has some import error on the lines and it leaves some fields on the lines that it doesn’t apply to.

Now, on the base unit of measure field because it’s a field on the base table, in this case the item, it’s not possible to use the look up functionality, therefore, I will have to go and check the item card to find out what are the actual unit of measures available.

And under this case, the pieces should be available. But on the Master Data fields, it’s possible to actually look up and see the values. Here I could add the value Kids if it’s a new value, or I could select one of the existing values here.

And I would like to check if I have more errors on the line. Yup, there is another one here, it says Gear and I think that doesn’t exist here, nope, but I will take the Nexus like this and that’s the last one.

So, I can try again to carry out action messages or actions to see if it’s working.

And as I can see now, both of the lines was a success meaning that everything is applied to the database.