Which tables does Master Data Import Worksheet apply to?

The Master Data Import Worksheet
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Which tables can I import with the master data import worksheet?

Master Data Import Worksheet provides you a very flexible way of importing and error handling data in Business Central.

Transcription of video

But which table is it possible to import to with the Master Data Import Worksheet?

By entering the worksheet here, it’s possible to go into the template list and select my templates that I have here and I can see different templates that comes out of the box and I can also see the type.

So, from the type list, I can see it’s possible to import items, customers, vendors, Bill of material, headers and lines, Manufacturing Routing headers and lines, Sales Price, Purchase Prices, Stock keeping unit, item variant, Ship-to Addresses, Order Addresses, Lot Number, Serial Numbers and also Information Setup which is actually the lowest level of Master Data Information that I can import directly to.

So, this is the tables that it applies to.