Language handling on Information Code or Information Value

Language and Extended text on Master Data
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

It is possible to define language code and language description with Master Data Information in all three levels.

Transcription of video

In this case, I’ll show you how to work with those in the two top levels. I’m going in from the item list but the two top levels actually are depending on types, so it could have been from the customer or vendor as well. It’s just to show you the example.

So, for instance here, on my wheel diameter, I’ll go down into my information code list and here on my wheel diameter the description is Wheel Diameter.

If I go into my navigation, and into my language in here, I can see that in Danish it’s called Hjuldiameter and in German it’s called Fahrradrader Durchmesser.

So, it’s possible for me to actually setup description on different languages and use those in the merge of long descriptions and on documents.

Likewise, if I go to my gender. And I know that in my gender I haven’t set any language up in here because I’m not using the information code description gender but I’m using it on the information value level. So, if I’m navigating into my information values list from gender, I can see here that these are my values and it’s also possible on this level meaning the second Master Data Information level to add languages.

So here, it’s set up that in Danish, what was called male in German is called Herre in Danish and in German it’s Herren and that way I can work on different levels with these languages on my Master Data.