How to Merge the fields Item Description or Item Description 2

Merging Long Descriptions, Item and Report Descriptions
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to merge fields for the long item descriptions based on the master data information?

Sometimes you would like to merge more than the long item description.

Transcription of video

We have had customer that’d like to have the long item description here for internal use to filter on the item and to have powerful information on the item based on Master Data Information but on the other hand, they would like to have more compact information that they can use as a shelf front in a store or to more simple information, and therefore, they would like to use either the description field or the description 2 field.

So, if I go into this first item for example, I can see that my description field is here. A merge of my Master Data Information, which means in this case it’s the 7 gear city bike if I’m entering my specification here, and changing my 7 gear bike to something else. An 8 gear bike for instance.

I can see that it changes the description 2 because it has here in my type description field entered information value. So, they type description is determining how my description 2 should be merged.

So, the type description is used basically for either description or description 2.

If I want to setup whether it’s one or the other, I have to go into my Master Data Information setup like this, and here I can setup whether I want to merge into item description or item description 2 or nothing.

So, it’s actually possible to create an item description automatically based on Master Data if this is what you want.