How to Merge Long Item Description

Merging Long Descriptions, Item and Report Descriptions
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to automatically merge the long item description based on the master data information?

On the item list or the item card, it’s possible to create a long item description which is merged automatically based on the Master Data Information.

Transcription of video

So in this case, I might have a Nexus 7 gear bike, Aluminum, Wheel Diameter, et cetera.

If I enter my specifications and change whatever specification, that could be the Wheel Diameter like this, it will update my long item description so now it says on this item, it’s a 28 inch instead.

What actually happens is that on the specification, we have defined a long item description, it’s a column saying include in long item description. This is default filled in from the information value, which is default filled in from the information code.

If you dive into the information code, you can see here the long description order determining which field should be filled in first. This means the bike type will be entered first then the gender then the gear then the tire, et cetera.

So, if you have too many Master Data Information on your specific item and they take up more than 250 characters, it will just cut off the end creating fields up to 250 characters.

It’s possible on each item to change the long description order and this comes with a default setup and it determines whether it should include the information code and the information value or even the value.

So, for example here on my Wheel Diameter, and this is more detail explained in another video, the Wheel Diameter is called IC_IV_V, meaning Information Code_Information Value_Value. You could call it whatever.

And it’s setup with delimiters and which things to include, et cetera.

And this is determining that for the long description on the Wheel Diameter it should have first information code, meaning the Wheel Diameter, then the value, 28, and then the information value, Inch.

This means on the long description, it says when you mouse over here in the end, Wheel Diameter: 28 INCH.

Whereas you can see the city bike, which is the first one, only includes the information value and not the information code, which was bike type.

And this way you can mix your own long item description and it’s a field that is maintained directly on the item table, so it’s possible to filter on this information all over Business Central.