Merged Description setup in Master Data Information Setup

Merging Long Descriptions, Item and Report Descriptions
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to merge the description setup in the Master Data Information setup?

In the Master Data Information setup, you have some fields that applies to the merge functionality when merging long descriptions, item description, or description 2.

Transcription of video

Let’s just run through them. So, in the Master Data Information setup table, some of the fields here applies to the merging functionality. First of all, the Default Language here will determine the description 2 and the long description.

So, if you change the default language into a specific language and you’ve added language on your Master Data Information, which is shown in other videos, it will merge item description depending on this default language.

And there is a checkmark saying, “Exclude Item Description in Long Description”. This is default checked, and if you uncheck it, the item description will be part of the long item description. So, it will start at the item description and then merge the long item description afterwards.

In the next field, you can determine if you want the description or the description 2 on the item card to be updated automatically depending on your type description merge functionality. And then, in the last field out here, it’s possible to update the item search description, the standard search description field with the long item description if you place this checkmark.