Master Data Information with multiple values in the Information Matrix

The Information Matrix
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to set up master data information with multiple values to basic records?

It is possible to setup Master Data Information with multiple value to a basic record. For instance, an item. And it’s also possible to work with that in the Information Matrix.

Transcription of video

Let me show you how this work.

If I enter my Information Matrix, I can see my selected items in here and in one of the columns I can see my Wheel Diameter being 29.

It just says 29. But actually, if I go to the specifications, I can see on my city bike. If I go into my specifications here, that it’s 29 in the value field and the information value is inch.

On the other hand, if I look at another item here, and I go into my specifications, I can see several information values. So, here I have both for inch and mm, two different values on the same item.

So, how can I work with that in the Information Matrix?

Well, if I enter my Information Matrix again, and I have cheated a little here. So, you see the Wheel Diameter here if I scroll right, I have setup before this example on the right-hand side here. Wheel Diameter in two different columns and it says here inch and mm.

So, it’s a setup in the template that I can define. So, here for instance on my item 1000. If I add here a wheel diameter of 75 just for the fun of it on that item, it would actually have added an information value for that specific value.

And I can see it in the attribute matrix card which is explained in another video. But shortly just to show you here, it’s setup as a selected filter on the information value. I can drill down on the information value here and select a filter when the type is value.

So, what I just did now is actually entering a new information value on my item number 1000. So, if I go back on this one, and look on the specifications, I’ve added 75 mm here.

This can also be used with files and text that I want to add if I want to work with multiple values on that, on both customers, vendors, et cetera.