Using Report Description for Merging descriptions on Documents

Merging Long Descriptions, Item and Report Descriptions
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to use report descriptions for merging descriptions on documents with Master Data Information?

With Master Data Information it is possible to transfer information from the item to the sales order lines, and thereby to print it on the sales order documents, and you can do that in two different ways.

Transcription of video

So, let’s take an example here by entering item number on my sales order line. Whatever quantity here.

On this line when I enter it, it creates what we call Master Data Information for that specific sales order line and if we go into my Master Data Information, I could setup either to transfer like this, specific information on each Master Data Information but this would also determine or use four lines to be printed on the print. So maybe I would prefer to create something like a long description where I merge information together to save space or to have my sales order more compact.

So, this is possible to create a description like this based on my report description. So, let’s see where this is setup.

I need to set it up two places. First of all of course on my items. So, it comes from my information code and it’s transferred to my information value and further on into my specifications.

So, here on my specifications, I have my field out here called, “Include in Record Description”, and this is determining which field that we need to merge on the sales order line.

So, I need to set it up on my items but I also need to set it up in my Master Data on document setup which is a little complex and there is another video to display that. I’ll just show you shortly in my Master Data on documents setup and this is complex stuff to get into.

I’ll have a template called sales order and on that template, I’ll have definition of my sales line and if I go into my sales line definition in here, there is a checkmark called, “Add Long Report Description”. And checkmark determines whether or not it should create this long one line on my sales order line with my report description coming from my items.