Searching from Templates or the Basic data Table

Searching for Items, Customers or Vendors using Master Data
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to search from templates or basic tables with the Master Data Information search window?

When using the Master Data Information search window, it’s possible to search by criteria that is entered manually or it’s possible to search by predefined criteria.

Transcription of video

Let’s see this from the item search. So normally, I can just go down to my search criteria lines and enter whatever criteria I would like to search upon or I could use my basic tables as a search template. Meaning I could in this case select an item, since it’s from the item list. It would have been a customer if we at first the customer list of course.

So, I could just select the item 1000 and when I select that, it prefills the Master Data Information from item 1000 that I can use as search criteria.

I will though have one problem here because when I search this match, it’s says that I need to have at least one need to have or need not to have criteria.

So, I need to find one of the criteria that has to be fulfilled to make this search. For instance, the gender.

This is one way of getting a lot of data to search on. You could also define a template code, so you can define search templates and I’ve made three here. So, if I select one of the templates, it prefills the line based upon that template which of course makes it much easier for me to create the correct searches easily.

I could even define the order of the data I want to search in.

So now, I only need to fill in the search criteria.

If I view this template from example male bike here, I can navigate into the template setup and to see how it’s defined.
So I define my own templates and the order that the criteria should occur in my search window.

So in this way I can define many search templates for items, customers, vendors, et cetera that I would like and to make the search easier for me.