Setting up Information Matrix Templates

The Information Matrix
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to set up information matrix templates for the call table or master data information table?

You can set up information matrix templates to display different columns from the call table or from the master data information table.

Transcription of video

Let’s see how that works. First, I will enter my information matrix, in this example, from items, and this is the basic items setup.

I can see the information card either through the matrix template list or directly into the matrix template card from the basic items. I’ll go into my matrix template card.

This is the definition of the basic item set up template. Here I can see, I can define up to 15 columns. I can see that in column one, I have selected item, and I’d like to see the item description. In column two, the base unit of measure, unit price, et cetera, from the item.

In column four, I would like to see a configuration value, so it’s a dropdown list where I can select description, configuration value, or value, meaning from the master data information table or one of the basic tables, and of course, if the information matrix template is based on item, I will get an error if I select custom or vendor or something else, so if I go here to my field number 12 and select customer, it will say this is not possible, and it’s because this template is for item usage.

Likewise I could set up description on this case material or I could set up this in column 11 even though I have in column 10 configuration value on material; I’ll get back to that. And in column seven, I have set up value for wheel diameter.

So this means if I look at my matrix, I have the columns based on fields from the item table. It displays item, and then I have column based on the information, master data information table. So it displays, for instance, configuration value if it’s the config value field, or displays value like the wheel diameter was. Or in the last example, it displays out here. It displays description if it’s the description field I’ll select.

In this way, I can figure out the columns like I like to. Let’s take another example.

If I go into my matrix template and select another template, I’ll take the marketing template that I have to find on the list. I can also see all the definition, and from here go further on to the template card.

In this example, I would like to have my description from the picture information code, meaning the master date information picture, the description, but I’d like to have a filter on my information value.

This means if I select description in the selected type, I could even filter on a specific information value. It’s easy to see in the column three and four. I have the same information code, but I like to filter on my information value, FAQ. On this case, information value installation guide, maintenance guides, so this displays different description because I have allowed several information values on this item; let’s see how that looks.

So if I select this information matrix template, and it will automatically update the fields, I can now see, for instance, my user manual based on installation guide, user manual based on maintenance guide, and et cetera.

This way, it’s possible to change specific information value even though they relate to the same item.

With this functionality, I can set up many different templates combined with master data information and the core functionality, the core tables that I could select in here, and in this way, I can also see which table this information matrix applies to that I can change.