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Watch "the details", if you need detailed knowledge about a specific topic. These videos are only relevant for particular users. The Details This video includes functionality from the app "Master Data Information" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Master Data Information

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

With Master Data Information, you can define logical dependences that could be used, for instance, for a configurator if you want to guide people through a series of questions or it could be used to determine specific information values that are only allowed when other information values are filled in.

Transcription of video

Let’s take an example, if I go into the specification and further into the information code list, the top level. There’s a function where I can define configuration dependences which is the logical dependences and there is a list that I can define that if this information code, is this value the related information code couldn’t be a different value, it must be a different value, etc.

So, this way, I can define setup for a configurator or just for normal logical dependences. This means, if I’m looking at this item, it’s a city bike 7 gear, and if I drill down into my information value, I can see that it’s possible to add four different gears to this bike.

For instance, a 16 gear CLARIS gear.

On the other hand, if I change my information value, and note that I only have two bikes to choose between, I’ll take the COLIBRI bike.

And now, when I go into my gear now, I have only 3 choices because the 16 gear was not an option on the COLIBRI bike.

On the other hand, if I deleted the bike type like this, I can choose between all the possible gears with the setup I’ve made, and I’m choosing for instance, a 20-gear bike like this.

Now, it’s only possible for me to choose a mountain bike which is the only bike we have with 20 gear.

So, this way I can setup logical dependences on all my information code, how they must interact to one another.