This is basic functionality. Watch "Basic"-videos to learn the main processes of Business Central. Basic This video includes functionality from the app "Master Data Information" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Master Data Information
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Master Data information can be added to items, customers, vendors – even batch numbers, bill of materials and other tables in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This video shows you how to enter master data specifications as attributes.

Transcription of video

Master Data information can be added to items, customers, vendors, even batch numbers and bill of materials and stuff like that.

Let’s look at the specification on this street touring bike. We have a touring bike here and we could add for instance specifications to this bike.

Specification is like attributes, its parameters we’d like to add on this bike.

For instance, we could add from a list, we could select different information codes. In this case, it could be a gear for the bike or it could be colors, materials, etc.

After selecting the top level, you could select a specific list of value, information values with all the different options that you’d like to add.

You select an option and there is a description to this option which will be transferred to this specific item. In this case, it’s a 16 gear bike.

Finally, you can still select value in the column value if it’s specific for this item meaning that it’s not a dropdown list you would like. In this case, for the wheel diameter, you might want to have inch and millimeters or whatever you like from the dropdown and add this specific value in the value column.

This can be used to make a description that is automatically generated like this. Wheel Diameter: 29 inch.

So for example, if I’m changing the diameter here, it will automatically change the description for this specific specification.