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Videos with the tag "Commonly Used" describes the functionality that is used by most companies. Commonly Used This video includes functionality from the app "Master Data Information" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Master Data Information

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Master data information are organized in a three-layer structure. This video shows you how to navigate from items through the hierarchy of master data.

Transcription of video

To display this, I will go from a specific item into my master data information, specification for instance. This is the specification that is added for this specific item, so this is the lowest level of the three-layer structure. For instance, here, I can see this specific item is a bike type, city bike, it’s a male, in the area of gender, et cetera.

So, this is the lowest area. The middle layer will be the drop-down list on my information value, so, my male selection refers to the information code, gender, and if I go into my information value I can select from a drop down list defined. So, this is the middle layer, I can select this differently on all items. The top level is my information code and adding a new information code would relate to adding a new field on the items or customers and vendors, et cetera, so this is the deepest layer, or the top layer of information.

Here I can see my gender, and here I would also be able to navigate into the middle layer and see my information value defined for this gender. Like on all the other different types and the list I see here will be filled out on items and blanks, so I can select if an information code, which is the highest level, refers to only items or to many entities, for instance customers and vendors, et cetera.

If I clear this filter, I would see that some of the information relate to customers, meaning, if I look up from my customer, I could see the loyalty program and all the Information codes with a type that is blank. Likewise, it also has subtype specification or subtype identification. If I clear this filter, I can see that some of the information code relates to text and files, et cetera. So this is the top layer of my three level structure.