Clever Credit is THE tool for making sure you get paid on time, every time.

It’s direct integration with Business Central gives excellent control over overdue balances and approaching credit limits.

Running low on cash is a well-known issue for companies of all sizes, and payment collection is often to blame for this.

With this knowledge, Clever Credit is developed to effectively run credit management and eliminate overdue payments.

The app will – for instance – put a customer’s sales order on hold is that customer has overdue balances, or said sales order would put them into that status.

Clever Credit can be used for:

– Increase overview of outstanding balances for account and credit controllers.
– Greatly reduce the amount of manual work, with automated reminders for callbacks, and to-do’s linked to Balances.
– Enable credit authorization set by account
– Much quicker resolution of disputes when you have access to every needed bit of information.

Always stay on top of your cashflow with Clever Credit’s clear forecasting tool, and say goodbye to the risk of late payments.

Clever Credit overview

Introduction to Clever Credit

Clever Dynamics has produced a series of videos about getting started with Clever Credit. First, watch this video – it is a nice introduction to the solution. And then you can visit their youtube-channel to find more in-depth videos about configuration.