Business Central Apps

For companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud (real SaaS), apps are the best way of extending the functionality of the solution.

In this article, we will introduce you to what an app is, how it works, and how you get started.

What is an app

Apps are simply packages of additional functionality for Business Central. Microsoft offer apps from their store, which is called Microsoft AppSource. You can find the app that fits your need – and install it directly into your Business Central.

If you have previously used on-premise versions of Microsofts ERP-solutions, you are definitely used to having an external consultant delevop customizations for your specific needs.

On the new cloud-platform, Microsoft still allows custom development to some extent. But we recommend to avoid it if you can. The point is that you will not be able to receive the monthly updates from Microsoft without validating your custom development. We have explained this in the video about the technology of apps.

The benefit of using apps is that Microsoft will update your Business Central every month – and you don’t have to do anything. No cost. No tasks. No upgrading project. Think about how much time and money you have spent on version-upgrades through the years. The App-technology is probably bad news for external consultants, but it’s good news for your CFO.

Assign Quantity
Fulfill all Sales Orders intelligently and provide fast and reliable order promises to customers.
Document Customizer
Customize and layout documents, including best practice with the most commonly used outgoing documents.
Document Handling
Send personalized emails your recipients will trust – with documents attached from Business Central.
Minimize manual tasks with easier and automated order integration between multiple companies.
Sales Configurator
Configure Item Hierarchies for Sales Orders efficiently without creating new item numbers for each Sales Order Line.
Sales Container Handling
Assign sales order lines and manage containers to pack and ship all lines in one go.
Master Data
Global Master Data Sync
Centralize and manage your Master Data in one place and synchronize to all companies in Business Central subscribing to the data.
Master Data
Master Data Information
Define your own master data structure with no customizations. The easy way to enable Master Data Management in Business Central.
Purchase & Planning
Flexible Forecast
Overview forecast, demands, supplies and history in one view. All in one line per item.
Purchase & Planning
Graphical Inventory Profile
Predict and prevent supply issues. Get an overview of the future inventory status for each item in Business Central.
Purchase & Planning
Reverse Planning
Control stock levels and get action-based suggestions on supply and demand. Spot items that cannot be delivered within lead times.
Purchase & Planning
Shortage on Demand Orders
The planning tool for optimizing fulfillment of Sales Orders to avoid partial deliveries by managing shortages and moving delivery dates.
Costing & BI
Subscription Management
Manage Subscription-based Invoicing on Customers in a simple and efficient way in Business Central.
Costing & BI
VAT Rate per Dimension
Manage partial tax and multiple rates per account with VAT Rate per Dimension.

The technology of apps

You should understand how apps are working in Business Central. It’s a fundamental change in approach of customization. And it’s not just the same old things done with different technology that makes no difference.

The choice between apps and development is an IT-strategic decision, and you should treat it as such. Custom development makes it easier to meet inflexible and comprehensive demands, while apps make it easier to deploy extended functionality quickly and upgrade to new versions.

Know which corner you are painting yourself into.

How to install an app

Let’s take a look at how you install an app in Business Central. In this video, we will walk you through the steps in Business Central.

It’s quite easy to install an app. You will see that it is something you can easily do yourself.

How to test an app

Before you install an app in your live environment, you should test it.

Microsoft has certified all apps, and they guarantee that they work, but you probably want to evaluate if the app does what you are looking for, which is why you should test it in your sandbox environment. In this video you will see how to do it.

If the app doesn’t live up to your expectations – or you just don’t need a particular app anymore – you can simply delete it. So don’t be afraid to test new apps.

Apps are automatically updated

The great thing about apps is that you don’t have to maintain it. Updates are always a part of the deal.

You will see in this video how Microsoft keeps track of the versions and what the suppliers are required to do to keep you up and running.

Get your apps now

You have about a thousand apps to choose from on Microsoft AppSource. We can understand, if it’s difficult to find the right one. We have done our bit to get you on your way. Read our articles about the apps we suggest you choose from.


What is an App for Business Central?

An app for Business Cental is a package of additional functionality. Microsoft offer apps from the Microsoft AppSource portal. You can search for an app that fits your need – and if you are using the cloud-version of Business Central, you can install it directly into your instance.

What is an Extension for Business Central?

An Extension is additional code. In the cloud-version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you cannot change the core code. This is why the functionality is extended by adding packages of code outside of the solution, as Extensions. When an extension is certified by Microsoft, it’s called an App.

How does Apps work in Business Central?

An app is a collection of code that is added as an extension of Business Central. The app adds to the functionality, but doesn’t change the core of the solution. This way, apps can extend the Business Central functionality without interfering with the monthly updates of the core from Microsoft.

How do I select the right App for Business Central?

Microsoft AppSource is the portal for all certified Apps for Business Central, where you can browse through all apps. If you need a little guidance, you can google for articles about the best apps. Use Dynamics has reviewed many apps at

How do I test an App for Business Central?

Before you install a new App in your Business Central, you should test it in your Sandbox environment. In the Admin Center, you can create a sandbox as a copy of the production environment. Use this to evaluate if the selected app does what you are looking for.

How do I install an App in Business Central?

To install an app in Business Central, you select Extension Marketplace in the menu. This is Microsoft AppSource. Select an app, and click Get It Now, approve the terms, and then you click Install. This installs the app, and you can follow the progress from the Deloyment Status.

How are Apps in Business Central maintained and updated?

You have no task to maintain or update the Apps you are using in Business Central. All App-suppliers are required by Microsoft to test their apps with every new version of Business Central, well in advance. So, your apps will automatically update in the background.

How do I delete an App from Business Central?

It is simple to delete an App from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Go to the Extensions List inside Business Central, click the app you want to delete, and select Uninstall. This will make Business Central remove the app and clean up. No further actions are needed.