Global Search

Clever Global Search is an integration that allows you to search intelligently inside Dynamics 365 Business Central. Search items could be a complete or partial name, phone number, item description, or virtually anything else.

In short, Clever Global Search easily enables you to find any record within Business Central. It provides a simple page inside, with the ability to search across the whole environment.

Clever Global Search has:

– A wide range of search criteria
– User-friendly interface
– Fast indexes meaning close-to-instant search results
– Specification options like “*” and “?” for more precise results

Clever Global Search supports both the Essential and Premium version of Business Central.

Clever Global Search

Introduction to Clever Global Search

Clever Dynamics has produced a series of videos about getting started with Clever Global Search. First, watch this video – it is a nice introduction to the solution. And then you can visit their youtube-channel to find more in-depth videos about configuration.

Global Search