Manufacturing Execution System

App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Publisher: Clever Dynamics
Available on Microsoft AppSource

Clever MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) allows you to manage job information in real time.

It keeps track of Running, paused, stopped or completed tasks/jobs to help you stay on top of everything, across the production floor.

Clever MES enables you to keep track of exactly who, where and what is happening on the production floor. It allows you to see who is working on what machine, what that order is running on that machine at the moment, and it allows you to see the exact output and consumption of said machine, directly integrated in Business Central.

Furthermore, Clever MES also gives Work center Operatives clear insight into job sequencing, with regards to outstanding jobs, material details etc.

Clever MES can be used as:

– A way to work faster with better production insight
– A way to Monitor your production areas more efficiently
– A way to compare who worked on what, and how they performed their task
– A way to know when something is not going according to plan in real-time, rather than days later

To avoid the need for a PC in every area, the program is made with a large, friendly interface made for tablets.

Continia Clever MES

Introduction to Clever MES

Clever Dynamics has produced a series of videos about getting started with Clever MES. First, watch this video – it is a nice introduction to the solution. And then you can visit their youtube-channel to find more in-depth videos about configuration.

Manufacturing Execution System