Expense Management

Experience the ability to connect receipts to credit card and cash spending, through Business Central

It can be almost impossible for a person working in finance to keep up with employee spending in real-time.

You might nod to a situation where a bookkeeper is bombarded with last-minute receipts at the end of a month, and everything has to be sorted manually?

This solution provides an easy, fast and reliable way to register and approve business related expenses.

In essence, Expense Management ensures that every employee transaction is automatically imported into Business Central, giving a full overview of all employee spending.

As a user of Expense, you will submit your expenses for review either via the app, or through the web portal. You simply register your purchase, and handle the expense report at the same time, which eliminates the need to keep old receipts.

As the approver, you will be presented with a chronologically sorted overview of daily, weekly or monthly expenses, providing a digestible workload.

Match credit card transactions with expenses automatically

Continia’s service is focused on being quick and reliable, therefore they made sure to partner up with major credit card providers to make the act of importing and reconciling expenses easy and seamless.

Furthermore, they also match expenses to transactions, so a reported expense will be paired with a matching transaction, making sure nothing goes by unnoticed.

A notification is also sent to the user’s mobile app prompting them to submit documentation of their expense, which will be immediately be transferred to Business Central.

Create mileages

Continia added the “Mileage” functionality to make it even easier when reporting mileage expenses. The seamless integration with Google Maps makes for a quick, easy and precise calculation reimbursed by rates setup manually in Business Central.

They also made everything visible from within Business Central, including the chosen route, and other relevant mileage details.

To make good better, feature of templates was also added to account for recurring routes to massively reduce the amount of manual work required by frequent Mileage users.

Create By Diem

For allowance on the go, Continia has made an integrated feature in both the app and browser version.

The feature includes the ability to see requirements from certain countries, setting up travel periods, accommodation, and meals per day.
Every other feature and rate is visible and adjustable from within the Business Central integration.

Continia Expense Management

Introduction to Expense Management

Continia has produces a series of videos about getting started with Expense Management. First, watch this video – it is a nice introduction to the solution. And then you can visit their youtube-channel to find more in-depth videos about configuration.

Expense Management