In StoryPoint you have an app that makes it possible to stay on top of projects.

Tracking time, invoicing customers. From reporting time to registering expenses – it is all available on the web or on your phone.

StoryPoint is specially made to support knowledge based service companies in their core processes:

Time reporting

By using the same system for planning, reporting time, billing and accounting you get the most traceability possible. Using StoryPoint you also get the possibility to report time on your phone, making for swift, 0 mistake job completion on the fly.

Expense Management

With expenses flying left and right when on the go, it can be hard to keep track and remember what went where when you finally sit down to report it.

Expenses in StoryPoint lets you do this all on the go, on your phone – right next to your time reporting.

Billing of time

When every bit of time has been reported, sending out the bill is done with a simple click of a button.

StoryPoint by SmartApps