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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to create an opening entry for the bank in Business Central?

When I’m going live with my new Business Central solution, I would like to have some open bank entries, reflecting my amounts in the banks I have, but I would still like to reset my chart of accounts to be sure, that I can do a total opening later on.

This is what happens in the video

So if I go in to my chart of accounts in here, I can see as for now, I have no entries if I’m removing filters on all entries, so nothing is posted yet.

Like this.

And when I want to open my bank, I go into a general journal, in here and it’s very simple just entering my document number, for instance, bank opening.

I select my account type, being my bank, and I can select whatever bank accounts I have, the currency code comes automatically, I select the amount, my bank amount.

And as a balance account, I will select the same bank account as this one is pointing to.

Therefore, I need to look into my bank account posting groups.

And here I can see, that my local foreign currency posting group is on this bank account here.

So this way I would just reset the chart of accounts in the same posting.

So this is the way I’m just filling it in and I can do this per bank, and I’ve made this prepared already of course, even though it’s only two lines.

So here we are with my banks, my amounts, my balance account for the two banks, and I’m ready to post that.

Like this.

And when I’m looking back into my chart of accounts here, I can see that it’s still zero, but and I created bank entries here on my bank accounts and they will have both entries, meaning they go into zero, so I’m ready to open my general ledger now.