Design customization with B2B Ecommerce

Overview of B2B Ecommerce
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This video includes functionality from the app "B2B Ecommerce" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. B2B Ecommerce In the "overview"-videos we draw the big picture to provide you with an understanding of how the solution is structured. Overview

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So one of the questions we get a lot when we talk with the partners and clients for the Abakion B2B e-commerce is, how much can we change in the design? Because we always demo on this design. And of course, our clients have a different design, hopefully. And actually, we have two levels you can get access to.

The first level that everybody has as part of the shop is they can change the CSS and the JavaScript on the web page. And that means they can move around the information. They can change how the menu looks, move that around a bit, change the coloring, how does the item block look, and how big an image should we show, etc. And that looks different from each customer. So here we have a different place for the menu. And this is a third way of what this shop could look like. And that’s the first level of change you get access to.

The second level, if you want that, you can buy as an add-on access to all the views. And that means you can make fundamentally structural changes to how the shop renders its information. You get full access to all the HTML and all the data that are available in our data model. What you cannot change in that way, in that tier, is you cannot change the data model. So if you want one of the fields from the sales code that is not available in the model, you have to contact us and we will put it on the roadmap. But you cannot just extend the model yourself. That’s closed down by the Abakion Shop. And I want to emphasize that 90% of all our customers just changes the CSS. And very few needs to make these structural changes because we have a very versatile shop that has a lot of options built into the base model.