Getting started with B2B Ecommerce

Overview of B2B Ecommerce
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This video includes functionality from the app "B2B Ecommerce" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. B2B Ecommerce In the "overview"-videos we draw the big picture to provide you with an understanding of how the solution is structured. Overview

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Welcome to this demo of the Abakion B2B e-commerce solution. I have set up a demo BC, and I’ve set up a demo shop. And we’ll just run quickly through how this works.

So in our Business Central, we have installed our Master Data application, which is an application that enhances the amount of information you can put on most of the information already in Business Central. I’ve created some items, added images to the items, and in the Master Data Information, I have also added things like, is it a male or female bike? What bike type is it? What tires are on it? Etc. And all these information, including the normal information, the number, the description, and the image, is shown on the website.

So if I navigate to my city bikes, I have a city bike here, which is this one, with the same image. And I can see the specifications down here, which is the Master Data Information. We have the material, the tire types, and the wheel diameter. It’s not all specification we show, but we have a lot of options for showing and not showing specifications.

The hierarchy of the items on the webshop is built in another part of the Master Data app, which is our hierarchy. And this is the entire hierarchy I’ve built for this webshop. So you can see there’s a lot of groups. We have the bikes, we have the male bikes, and we have the different brands under the male bikes, etc. Female, children, we have some accessory and food down here.

And from within Business Central, I can also see what items are in what group. So I can see where the items are placed. An item can be placed in multiple groups. So that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. And if I go here again, I can see the same group replicated to the webshop. I can see the city bike, color green, etc. And I can see the items in here. I’ve logged on to the shop already with the Bike Master Chicago, but I just want to show quickly how we go to a customer.

And on the customer card, we again use these Master Data Information to choose which customers are shown on the web. They have a yes here. And we have a dealer on web. If they’re part of the dealer list that anonymous users can see on the website, we also choose that from the master data. And then we just use the contact information. This is my email address from the contact card. And you can, of course, create multiple contacts, so multiple users can log on to the same customer on the website. And what this enables us to do is that when we add an item to the card, we actually is adding it to a sales quote in Business Central.

So I just added the street Colibri bike to this sales quote. And if I go into Business Central and look at the sales quote and find the Bike Master from Chicago sales quote here, first of all, I can see it’s a webshop order because we have a salesperson quote called web. You create the one you want to use yourself. And I can see the items down here. And if now the customer calls and says, I’m buying these bikes, but I’m actually a bit unsure which bike I need, your sales representative can just go in and say, no, it shouldn’t be 1013. It should be 101 you actually wanted instead. And you wanted how many? 10. And when you’ve updated the line, you can ask the sales representative can ask the customer to reload the website and they will see the items in the card there.

So when you add something to a card, you don’t actually add it to a card on the website. You add it to a sales quote. And when you order the item, you can do add a reference. And when you place the order here, again, since it’s directly connected, we add and convert the sales quote to a sales order. And we can actually release it for picking. So if you want that, this order is automatically released for the warehouse to send.