Calculating Low Level Code (LLC)

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to calculate Low Level Code (LLC) in Business Central?

There are two different ways of calculating low-level codes in Business Central.

This is what happens in the video

One is the automatic way, which is preferable, but it could be very heavy to work with.

And the other one is a Batch Job you run.

So, from the main menu, you could run the Batch Job by just entering the Low-level Code (LLC).

And it says, calculate LLC and you say yes.

And it calculates all through the hierarchy.

This is a very simple demo data, but if you have 50,000 items in ten levels of hierarchies this could be quite a bad job.

This is one way of doing it.

If it’s not possible to calculate, I’ll get back to that, you will have an error while running this.

The other way is if in the manufacturing setup – this is, in my opinion, the normal way of doing it – or the most used way.

There’s a check mark here called Dynamic Low Level Code that could be marked.

If this check mark is marked, the system will automatically calculate when you certify a BOM, which means, if you go into your production BOM and I’ll take my Front Hub, and I know that my Front Hub is part of my bike, so I have a hierarchy of items already here, and to change it, I have to change the status.

Now, if I’m entering a bike here on the line, I’m saying that a bike is part of a Front Hub, and a Front Hub is part of a bike, and that is not possible.

This means, if I’m trying to certify my Routing now, because of the dynamic LLC calculation, it says here that it’s not possible, and the error message actually says that it exceeds 50 levels because it’s trying to calculate again and again and again, in an endless loop.

Therefore, this is not possible.

I have to change my bike – take it away again, and assure that my hierarchy is working correctly, and then I can certify it.

So, it can be quite complex if you have very high or very deep hierarchies to figure out where the failure is, because once I’m adding the bike to this line, it’s a circular reference so it’s not like a top-level hierarchy.

And this is a very common mistake for manufacturing customers.

So, I’ll suggest you to mark the checkmark.