Calculating the Subcontractor Worksheet and creating Orders

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to create orders and calculate the subcontractor worksheet in Business Central?

Subcontractor work that I send to vendors only applies to production orders. If I don’t have a production order, subcontracting orders doesn’t make sense. A subcontracting purchase order is created from a worksheet from a production order.

This is what happens in the video

To show how it works, I go into the subcontractor work sheet, and show you that nothing is here.

This is the worksheet, and I calculate my subcontracting for everything, and nothing pops up, because I have no release production orders that are not already handled.

I go into my release production orders – and create a new production order.

One that contains some subcontracting operation.

I click process – and refresh, and now it calculates my routing.

When I look into my routing lines, one of the steps is the subcontracting worksheet that I have set up, and it now appears in my work sheet, when I calculate it again.

I just calculate everything again.

This item is actually an operation but it is for a production of item.

In real life this is operation no 35, which is a painting operation, and I may want to change the description: “Painting my bike red”.

Then I could carry out the action message, which creates my purchase, which is a subcontracting order.

Now my journal is empty, and I can find my purchase and I would expect it to be the last one, and when I look at the line, I can see actually it’s an item number, but it’s named “Painting my bike red”, and in hidden fields’ on the purchase lines, it will also display the production order number, the production order line number, the routing link line number etc I can post this as a subcontracting operation.

This one is ready to be passed to the purchasers, who can communicate with vendors about this operation.