The Concept of Work Centers and Machine Centers

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What is Work Centers and Machine Centers in Business Central?

In Business Central, you can have work centers or machine centers on a production order routing. This means if you’re working with production orders and you would like to define a routing on how to create your items, you can define steps on the routings and the retail on that step would be either a work center or a machine center.

This is what happens in the video

Let’s see how it works on the hierarchy of that.

So if we go into work center in Business Central.

We can define work centers and machine centers below that level.

Let’s see how it works if we draw it.

As column, you have work center number 100, 200, 300, etc, and they can be bundled into work center groups.

So maybe we would like a work center group called machines, another one called employees, a third one called stock gear and in the different work centers, we could define machine centers like drilling machines, unburr machines, thread machines or employees as unskilled and skilled work centers with machine centers called mechanics, etc.

So the machine center is a part of a work center.

Machine centers can have a capacity of in this scenario: two and one and one, etcetera and we can define the machine center or the work center on the routing line.

Be aware if you want to work with employees as machine centers or work centers, you’ll have to set them up as concurrent capacities to manage it in the system.

Let’s go back in Business Central to see how they look.

So a work center, for instance, the assembly department here have a lot of definition.

We will run through the fields in another video and you set up the work center in here and likewise, you have a machine center which is part of a work center.

So if you go to the machine center here, here you can see all the tabs in here being like the on the work center and you have a work center number where you can sign this machine center to a specific work center.

Those will both be explained in another video.