With a combination of Intercompany and Assign Quantity you can assign directly in a Sales Company

Examples solved with Assigned Quantity
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

With assigned quantity, it is possible to assign in other companies that the company you’re working in, meaning if I’m using intercompany and working in a sales company, it’s possible to view the inventory profile in an inventory company.

So, in this example, I will try to enter 30 on a sales order line, and I can see here it assigns 17.

And if I try to look at my inventory profile in this company, not using assigned quantity, meaning I want to view all the inventory profile, I can see here there’s actually nothing on stock.

There’s a zero inventory.

And the only thing I get here is my sales order with the quantity 30.

So, this is an item that I don’t have on inventory.

Now why did it assign 17 if there’s nothing on inventory? Well, that’s because in my setup, I have defined that it should assign from my inventory company, another company, meaning if I want to view the profile for that one, I will view the assigned quantity in the other company.

This is my inventory company that the assigned quantity calculation we’re looking at.

And if I view this profile, I can see I have 17 on inventory in my inventory company.

This way it’s possible if you have sales companies or sales hub to actually assign directly based on the inventory in your inventory companies.