How to understand the Assigned Quantity on the Sales Order Line

Function & Features of Assign Quantity
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Let’s take a look at the fields and action on a sales order line that relates to the functionality assigned quantity.

In this scenario, I’ve made a sales line with item number 1000 and a shipment date 15th of February.

And I know in this scenario that when I enter quantity of 30, it will only assign one because of my dates.

And if I look at my profile, I will see that the item will be available later on.

What it actually displays here is that on the date and in the quantity that I’ve entered, it’s only possible to assign one.

And I’ve set up in the assigned quantity setup that it should automatically create this assignment or calculate the assignment.

If I haven’t checkmarked that, it will not have assigned anything.

The quantity available is also only one.

That’s why it only assigns one.

And the assigned flexibility will always be suggested as soft assignment creating new assignment.

The assigned flexibility field is just a field for marking for the user or being able to filter when we want to reassign on many sales order lines.

So, if we use the report to reassign, we could lock the sales order line that we want to maintain and then only reassign to the soft assignment or the not assigned one.

If for instance, I change the shipment date to a date where I know this one is available that I found out, for instance, in July, like this, it won’t change the quantity automatically because when you change the shipment date, it doesn’t update automatically the quantity assigned.

And this scenario is actually now available.

And it could also have been another scenario where the created supply either with a purchase order or production order or other supply orders, which makes it available now.

So, there’s a functionality or an action called Assign Quantity that just re-perform the calculation.

So, when I use that one, it just recalculates the assigned quantity, available quantity, and it resets the assigned flexibility back to soft assignment.

So, this way it’s possible to manually select on a sales order line to assign the line.

Also in this setup, if you have said that it shouldn’t assign automatically, you would need to use this functionality when assigning to a line or to use the report to create the assignment.

So, these are the fields on sales order line related to Assign Quantity.