Using Graphical Inventory Profile to overview availability across multiple Locations

Why use Graphical Inventory Profile
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A beginner video is for people with little or no experience with Business Central. It is explained thoroughly and is easy to understand. Beginner The "Whys" focus on how your business needs can be supported with the erp-solution. The topic is visualized - not demonstrated. The Whys This video includes functionality from the app "Graphical Inventory Profile" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource.
Graphical Inventory Profile

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

With the Graphical Inventory Profile, it’s possible to look at the inventory across location, meaning you can add locations together. Let’s take an example here of an item number 1000.

I enter 12 on a date and the inventory gets somehow below zero, so I have an issue in here. If I look at the Graphical Inventory Profile from the line, it will default suggest the location code from the line.

In the profile, I can see here that my inventory goes to minus six and minus four, and therefore this is not possible, of course. Now, directly from the line, it’s possible for me to investigate other locations.

For example, I could simply say, not location basic, and I can see here that my inventory profile sums up to plus 10. This way, I can investigate all the different locations and I could see all the locations together.

What will happen if we look at all locations in one go? In this example, I can see that my lowest inventory is actually only one.

This means if it’s possible for me to move between the locations rather simple, it will be possible to fulfill all customer supplies, also the last one I just entered.