Viewing the Graphical Inventory Profile in other companies

Function and Features of Graphical Inventory Profile
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This video includes functionality from the app "Graphical Inventory Profile" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource.
Graphical Inventory Profile

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

With the Graphical Inventory Profile, it’s possible to view the profile in other companies.

This means if you are running sales companies and an inventory company or if you have several shops, for instance, if you’re working in a shoe shop and you don’t have the shoe on inventory and you’d like to check the neighbor’s shoe shop, and you can do this with the graphical profile.

So in this scenario, I’m only looking in my own company and I can see here we have a sales order of two, a customer demand, but we don’t have the item on stock at all. And then I could run it again and I could filter on other companies here, looking for instance in the main company, or I could filter on different companies. And this way it’s possible for me to see the inventory profile in other companies to actually see if it’s possible to get from there. You can use that typically if you are using intercompany functionality or if you have sales hubs and inventory hubs.