Using Graphical Inventory Profile to evaluate an Items inventory profile

Why use Graphical Inventory Profile
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Graphical Inventory Profile

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

As a CFO or a planner, you might want to investigate an item’s historical inventory profile to figure out if you have too much inventory bindings or if it’s okay.

From the item card, you could navigate into the graphical profile, and I will just run it normally to view an item’s profile. So with this item, I have whatever inventory right now on quantity 28, and I can see the development. But this is just with my open orders and present inventory. If I would like to view the same profile, including history, it’s possible to just check mark the Include History tab of the request page. And the good thing about this would be it’s a graphical view of the inventory profile of an item. So just from the view of this one, I would expect the safety stock to be okay on an item like this. Whereas if there was a lot of red color below the graph, I will expect the safety stock quantity to be too high.

On the other hand, if we have zero quantity too many times, I would like to change the parameters as well. So if you’re trying to lower your inventory, this is a way you could do it. You could also filter on multiple items, adding many items together in this view to get a general overview of your inventory bindings. So if you’re working with too high inventory, you might have somebody to run through your items and look at this type of profile to see if they seem to be too high.

Let’s try to take an example of an item in here. This is just another item. I just enter another item number. And in here I can see that historically this item has a very high inventory as the lowest inventory. Then suddenly something else happens. Maybe they have figured it out and then changed the reordering parameters, which is good. But this scenario will have too high base inventory and too high inventory bindings. So this is a simple way of finding those things.