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Function and Features of Graphical Inventory Profile
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Graphical Inventory Profile

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

It is possible to use the graphical profile where you can include production forecast or demand forecast, meaning if you deselect the forecast option here and you run it, it will display the profile, of course, with no forecast.

We can see there’s an end inventory of six and some negative inventory in the period, so the red graph will be a picture of all the open documents. If you run it again and you select the include forecast and we select it from February 1st, for instance, we can see the remaining sales forecast or component forecast in this overview. It’s possible to deselect it when you have chosen to include forecast. You can also deselect the red curve. And what you see here will be what we call remaining sales forecast.

So for instance, here on the 1st of February, you might have a forecast of 40, but due to the sales orders in the period, it reduces the forecast if you run a planning worksheet. So this is the impact the forecast will have on the planning worksheet or the requisition worksheet. So we call it the remaining sales forecast. You could also have filtered on a forecast period. So for instance, when you run the planning worksheet, you could say, I would like to exclude forecast before August or ignore forecast before August. And this will only display the forecast after certain periods instead of going to minus 268, like before, we’re going to minus 179 only. So this way we can see the previous situation as for now, and then the future including forecast. So this slide provides an overview of what the planning engine would understand as demand when you run including forecast.