Item Tracking on simple Receipt Documents as for example Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders

Receipts (Simple Inventory)
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to do Item Tracking on simple Receipt Documents in Business Central?

If I’m using Item with Item Tracking Codes that include Item Tracking on inbound documents, which would be normal, I could, for instance, need to buy the item on a Purchase Order or move it on a Transfer Order, and I need to assign Item Tracking when doing that.

This is what happens in the video

So, first of all, I’m sure I already made a purchase order here.

And it would be the last one.

So, on this Purchase Order, I have a Snack Bar, and I know that it’s both using a Lot Number Information, or requires Lot Number Information, and it requires Expiration Date Handling.

And it’s a Pallet with quite a few quantities.

Now, when I’m trying to post it, I will expect to get an error because I haven’t entered any Lot Number Information or Expiration Date information.

Therefore, I need to go into my Line, my Item Tracking Lines, and here enter the Lot Number – and that would typically be the Lot Number entered on the Items that I’m receiving, and maybe it’s two different Lot Numbers.

So, let’s assume that it’s called Lot.

In some quantities – maybe the first 10,000.

And they have an Expiration Date.

That could be 23-09-2020, and I can see now, why entering this Line that my remaining quantity or undefined quantity is 1.520,00 and I expect there will be another Lot Number here, with maybe some other Expiration Dates.

And I need to fill in this Item Tracking window until my undefined quantity is exactly zero.

Now I can post it.

And my Lot Number Expiration Information and Lot Number Information will go to the Item Ledger Entry as Item Ledger Entries.

And I can see here that my Quantity Received is 1, and if a show the column Quantity to Receive Base, I would be able to see the 11.520,00 that I just received.

Likewise, on Transfer Orders.

And that one will need to be shipped first.

And I have an example here that it’s actually shipped.

So, my quantity to ship is zero because I already shipped a quantity of 10, and my quantity to receive is 10.

And if I go into my Item Tracking Line on the Receipt Side, I would expect it to have filled in the Lot Number automatically when shipping it because it’s bound to the shipment that we already made.

Now, I’m supposed to be the warehouse employee working on the receiving inventory, and I just need to check that this is correct.

And then I’m able to post my Receipt.

And of course, the two to Item Tracking Information could be different if you’re only using Item Tracking on either the inbound or the outbound side, then it’s not bound together like this.

So, now I’m receiving it and my Transfer Order is done.

And if I open my Item Ledger Entries.

And I find some of these items that were just handled, for instance, my Snack Bar.

I can see here some of the Lot Numbers that we just received on the Snack Bar.

My Purchase Documents.

And the other item I handled was the Fruit Mix, and I would be able to see the Lot Number handled on my transfers.