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An intermediate video requires some previous experience with Business Central, but it is still easily accessible to most people. Intermediate Videos with the tag "Commonly Used" describes the functionality that is used by most companies. Commonly Used This video includes functionality from the app "Job Time Mobile" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Job Time Mobile

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Where the job task is the list of things you are going to do, my time collectors is the list of things we are actually doing on time collectors we have up and running.

So as you can see here, I have three time collectors, whereas the job task, I have several job tasks in here.

And when I use the function start-stop job task, I can select from all jobs.

So if it’s not in my task, or even if it was in my task, this is a quick way of starting a new time collector.

So you can select in here, amongst all the job in your database, you select whatever job you want, you select the job task, and then you can start and you can see the next action will be start, meaning that it’s not started.

So when I just click yes, it will start the job.

If I’m actually entering anything in the duration input and we’ll both start and stop it and create a fixed time or fixed period for that.

But as long as I’m only starting it here, I can see in my time collectors that now I have another one it’s running and in two seconds when I update the window, I’ve been working in this for 10 seconds.

This also means if I selected start-stop job task, selected another job number in here like this, selected a task in here.

And then, I actually entered a duration input in the state duration input. When I look into my time collectors, it did two hours directly both started it and stopped it so I have a start and stop entry beneath it.

So this is like pressing the normal register time except it goes through the time collector functionality and it provides related entries underneath it so I have an actual start and stop event on this one.

So it’s a very nice way of using the same functionality and with exactly this function, you might want to remove the register time action if you want to users to run start-stop so they could still use the start-stop functionality for actual full hours registrations.