Using standard Business Central functionality to handle availability and booking of Rental Items

Why use Rental Management?
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A beginner video is for people with little or no experience with Business Central. It is explained thoroughly and is easy to understand. Beginner Watch the "basic" videos to take the tour of the main processes of Business Central. This is the basic, need-to-use functionality. The Basics This video includes functionality from the app "Rental Management" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Rental Management

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

One of the reasons the rental management is built combining sales order lines and transfer order lines is that you can use the standard functionality in business central to see if an item is available for booking.

This is what happens in the video

So let’s say we have a customer here who wants to rent an item from our location basic, and return it on whatever date in October, and he wants to receive it on September 29.

He wants to see if this is possible. So can we actually ship out one of our items on this date, you can use standard item availability functionality, or you can use the free graphical inventory profile, this is another app, it’s free on app stores.

And you can use that to overview your inventory.

So in this scenario, it’s actually possible but this will be my remaining Segway that I can rent out between this date.

Actually, this is another sales order somewhere, this is my sales order here, I want to ship this on September 25, which brings my inventory to one and then later on it comes to zero due to another transfer order, which is already there.

So I could also have seen if I entered 2 instead, I will get the standard business central inventory warning for this item.

Or I could use of course again my graphical profile to see what happens.

So my sales order is actually possible to deliver, but another transfer order meaning another customer waiting for this item would not be able to have it.

So thereby, using transfer orders for handling the item going to another other location, you can actually see and book the item in specific periods to see if it’s possible.

So the transfer order from and to dates will make it possible for you to plan your item and use the same item in different periods or control the same item in different periods.