When shipment is posted on the outgoing Transfer Order, the Rental Period starts

Shipping Rental Items from Transfer Orders
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

In rental management, the rental period starts when you post the outbound transfer order.

This is what happens in the video

In this example, I have a sales order prepared with the item number, I just received the order confirmation from the customer.

And originally, we said that it was for four days, starting from September 9.

And now the customer confirms it, and we would swap the transfer order here to send the signal to the warehouse that they can pick the outbound transfer order and send it.

So if we go into the outbound transfer order, it’s supposed to be posted at September 9, which is written in the header as well as the line.

But let’s assume that for some reason, it’s delayed because it wasn’t here and somebody talked to the customer and whatever happened.

So we will change the shipment date on the transfer line, like this, and we post the shipment of the transfer order.

So now, we send off the item from our own shelf at another date.

Going back to the sales order, we can now see that the shipment date here is updated.

And also the rental period is now actually being reset because there’s only one day left, so we have to manually change the quantity here or it will actually automatically be changed when we receive it back.

But right now there’s only one day left according to the original number, but the shipment date is sent by posting the transfer shipment.