How to ship the Transfer Order and invoice the Sales Order in advance to the Rental Period

Invoicing Rental Item lines
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

If you rent out an item and you want the customer to pay in advance, meaning when he’s maybe in your shop renting the item, you need to do the outbound transfer order shipping the item out.

This is what happens in the video

So you can invoice the sales order period for some time for the customer, let’s see how it works.

So in this scenario, I have a Segway, I want to rent it out for three days, starting from the shipment date on the right hand side, which is September 12.

In this scenario, if I want to invoice it while the customers waiting, I need to swap the rental line, I need to enter my transfer order, I can do that from the rental relation line looking at the outbound transfer order, the posting date from the 12th of September.

And this is important that I use this posting date because that’s the rental date.

So I post the outbound transfer order.

And since I have two transfer orders here, I also received the outbound transfer order.

So now this is done, I still have my inbound transfer order remaining here like this.

So this can be used to postpone the rental period, but now it’s possible for me because it’s already out there to run the period posting, rental period posting.

And the important thing is here that I need to use the correct renting date for my rental like this.

So I’m actually posting from the 12th that I shipped it from and this will post until the 14th.

This also mean if I had to postpone this date, it would have made the rental period even longer. So this is how you can post the invoice upfront.