Setting up Weight and Volume is done on the Item Unit of Measure

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

On the container, it’s possible to calculate measurements and values so with the function you can calculate the net weight, the gross weight, the packages, and volume based on information from the sales order line or transfer order lines that are in the container, and those information are coming of course from the item.

So when you set that up, you will have to enter your item card and from the item card, you will look into your unit of measure in here, so on the unit of measures, you will set up the height, width, length, cubage, which… Sorry, the cubage is calculated automatically.

So for instance, if I’m changing the width to 20 centimeters or whatever this is, the cubage will be recalculated.

And you set up the net weight, those are all standard column. We have added the gross weight on the column here as well so you can distinguish between net weight and gross weight when calculating volumes.

Be aware that all those information should be in the same SI unit, meaning you shouldn’t on some items speaking in centimeters in here and other items in inches and even other items in meters, etc.

So there’s no unit of measure handling on those information.

So, therefore, select for instance, meters and kilos or inches and pounds or whatever you’d like to do and do that consequently in all your system.

And of course, you can set this up per different unit of measure code. So if you have a box containing 10 items, what are the measurements from that, you can set that up for box.