Append billable job lines to an existing sales invoice

Invoicing Jobs to Customers
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Presenter: Mette Thavlov Neukirch

How do you append job lines to a sales invoice?

Let’s say I want to append some lines to an existing invoice on a customer. Maybe they were outside my filter on the original job invoice, or I have created a manual invoice for something we’re selling them outside of the jobs, and I want to have those linked together.

This is what happens in the video

Then I can go into the job and enter the job planning lines. So here I’ve opened a specific job, and then click on the planning lines and instead of having to delete the other invoice, and create a fully new one. I will just append these two lines.

So I have two lines here with an invoice quantity. I’ll click on process and create sales invoice. I can say append to sales invoice number. And here you can see an invoice already exist for this customer.

I can also open the card and see that it’s an item. So apparently we’re selling 10 bikes to them which was maybe not handled in the jobs module.

I will say yes to exiting, and I will say okay, since this is the one I want to append to.

This is similar than say that we’re not creating a new invoice, and it will leave the posting date blank as we’re inheriting the posting date from the one we append to. I’ll say okay. And my two lines were successfully transferred to the invoice.

Let’s just have a look at that. You can go to my sales invoices and credit memos list. And I can see that we have the original 10 bikes, and then my two resource lines.