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Presenter: Mette Thavlov Neukirch

How do you manage the status of a job?

In the Jobs module, we’re quite concerned about the status of the project, and the status field was placed here in the postings tab.

This is what happens in the video

Yes, the main status for the status field shows the progress of your job, and it can be four different values: Planning, Quote, Open, and Completed.

By default, your new job will have the status open. This means it’s ready for posting. If you want to prevent any postings to the job, you can use the blocked field, up here in the general tab. To make sure no entries are posted before the job is ready for it.

But you could also select the planning status. So, an example of using the planning status would be that we had a point where we still need to create a quote for the customer, and I might be looking for which resources or items we need, and so on.

The quotes status is of course to define that we have a quote out to the customer, but we’re waiting for them to get back. The main ones to consider are still if the job is open or completed.

That’s what most people use, and the completed status is important, this means we’re closing the job, and it will also give you a prompt on calculation of work in process and so on. You can see the video on how to close a job.

One important thing about the completed status is that you can change it back. So, if you completed the job, but you find out that was not the case, you can reopen.