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Presenter: Mette Thavlov Neukirch

How do you manage prices for job costs?

On the job, we have the option to set up some specific prices that we want to invoice to the customer. As you can see, we have different types. So, G/L account, resource, and item.

This is what happens in the video

In this video, we will look at the G/L account. So, this is my setup table, and I’m setting up specific prices for this job number.

I have different options and I can set up a lot of different prices. It’s just a matter of how many lines I add here.

One important thing to understand is that if for example I leave the job task number blank; it means that my price will be valid for all job tasks numbers.

The deal prices are often used if you want to specify expenses for travel, or accommodations, or maybe food, which we would like to invoice to the job customer.

I will add a specific job task number, in this case for transport. I will find the relevant G/L account. And I can define a currency code for the price. I would leave it blank as I’m using local currency.

Normally, you might be interested in adding a unit cost factor. So, for example adding 30% to your cost factor. So, for transport, I’ve added a unit cost factor of 1.30. So, 30% will be multiplied on the cost.

I could also add a job task number with the line discount. For example, if there are any costs on material and equipment, and then I can choose an account. For example, marketing costs, now, I can give them a discount 10%.

Now I have defined that on job task 5,000, if anything is posted with G/L account 25100.

We will add a G/L cost factor, and on job task 3000 and if the account is 32015, we will give a line discount of 10% which will be shown on the customers invoice.