See job invoices and credit memos from job list

Invoicing Jobs to Customers
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Presenter: Mette Thavlov Neukirch

How do you see invoices for a job?

If I want to see the invoices and credited memos linked to each job, I can do it from my job’s list.

So, mark the job. Go to navigate. And click on sales invoices and credit memos.

Here we can see that there are four invoices on this job, three which are in draft mode as they are not posted yet, and one which is a posted invoice.

If there were created memos links to this job, they would be represented in the same list.

You can see that the posted invoice has an invoiced amount in local currency and a cost amount, and those are not represented on the draft invoices yet because it has not been posted.

If I want to open and see the invoice, I can mark the line, and click on open sales invoice or credit memo. This will open the draft invoice of a posted invoice. Just like any other sales invoice or credit memo.